Following our trip to Edinburgh for the Elements Festival we were delighted to head back to one of our favourite cities to attend It’s In Our Hands - the second Ethical Making Symposium on 28th March 2018.
This ground-breaking day marked the launch of the Ethical Making Resource and the signing of the Ethical Making Pledge - a commitment by each of the Scottish Art Colleges to embed ethical making practices into their jewellery and silversmithing courses.The Ethical Making Resource is the new website with everything a jeweller could want to know about responsible practice and sustainability: from how to run a green workshop to materials sourcing and provenance, nothing is overlooked.
The Incorporation of Goldsmiths in Edinburgh is really making things happen and gave us an inspiring and informative day, from Greg Valerio’s passionate and inspiring keynote introduction and jewellers' real-life experiences to the closing words. Click here to find out more about their work.
For any jewellers among you, check out the ethical making resource at
Images of 2018 Ethical Making Symposium © James Robertson