These beautifully made bags, purses and accessories come from Stelar, a collection that expresses our shared values of combining craftsmanship design and responsible sourcing to create beautiful pieces with history and meaning.

Founded by our friend Lorna Watson, Stelar was conceived with the vision of reviving and sustaining age-old artisanal techniques through contemporary design. Lorna works directly with artisans in East Bali to create these unique hand-woven accessories and provide sustainable livelihoods within the communities that rely upon them.

Every single piece is accompanied by its own unique code - almost like a hallmark - that enables you to discover the origins of your bag, meet the artisan who created it, and in turn, support the communities they are working with.

What we really love about Stelar is the thought and detail that goes into each of the designs - you can tell that Lorna has a jeweller's background! They are not just beautiful and stylish, they are incredibly practical too.

They will be in store from August through Christmas with new designs and colourways changing all the time - come and see!