As life has quickly changed for all of us we’ve discovered just how much we value all our relationships. From video calls to garden-gate chats and even Londoners saying good morning to each-other, we're making the most of human contact even if at a distance.

In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, for many of us there has been time to reflect - on our day to day lives, our choices, what's important and the effect our actions have on others. With work at our Chiltern Street studio on hold for the moment this has really made us think about our impact as jewellers.

It's fascinating seeing how many people are wearing jewellery even when they're home all day or just going to the shops - and for people normally in a formal work environment we're seeing a bit more self-expression. Just goes to show jewellery must mean something to us.

We desire to make beautiful things that people will enjoy and treasure - but only you, the people who wear our jewellery, can tell us what it means to you right now – and we’d love to know. Take a photo with the jewellery that means something to you and add a sentence or two about why and post on social media with the hashtag #jewellerystory and tag us @coxandpower - or alternatively email us

We've chosen our Seaflower earrings, inspired by and evoking Tony's sailing voyage in the South Pacific