craftsman at work

Commissioning jewellery is a fascinating and magical experience; a master of one of the oldest crafts in the world is creating unique piece especially for you, which will express and reflect your individuality.

From the first appointment, ideas and design drawings, selecting stones and seeing work progress, you are at the centre of the bespoke process. Possessing the finished piece is only the beginning of your jewel’s unique story.

We can also breathe new life into a treasured but dated piece of jewellery, or design a stunning piece around a stone you have purchased on your travels. Engraving a special message within your piece can capture a cherished event forever – whether a wedding, a birth, a special birthday or an accomplishment.

A completely bespoke piece made by Tony Power will cost from £2000, which includes consultations, designing and fittings. Contact us to make an appointment and see an idea transform into a beautifully crafted reality.