Work with us to commission your own one-of-a-kind treasure

Commissioning jewellery is a fascinating and magical experience; a collaboration to create a piece that expresses and reflects your individuality.

It may start with a simple idea, a special occasion, a wish to breathe new life into a treasured but dated piece of jewellery – or create a stunning piece around a stone you have purchased on your travels.
Discover below a selection of recent bespoke pieces, click on an image to find out more.

Working with our clients to make jewellery together is one of our favourite things. There is always delight in sharing ideas, discovering gemstones and developing designs. A piece may be inspired by one of our collections or something altogether different – and as it evolves, you will see your design transformed stage by stage into a beautifully crafted reality.

For an insight into the making process, you can discover the journey of one of our bespoke commissions here.

Special commissions typically take between six and eight weeks to complete and prices start from £2000 which includes consultations, designing and fittings. Engraving can give a further personal touch to any piece of jewellery, capturing a cherished event, a special date or even a secret message.

Contact us or come and see us if you’d like to explore ideas for a special piece or simply to find out more.