Adinkra Medals

11/11/2018 marked 100 years since the end of WW1.

In commemoration we featured a set of specially commissioned medals we created in collaboration with Sir Peter Blake and Elsie Owusu using specially sourced gold from Ghana.

Each medal represents a traditional Adinkra symbol:

Akoma – the heart – patience and tolerance
Nsoromma – child of the heavens – guardianship
Adinkrahene – chief of Adinkra symbols – greatness, charisma, leadership
Osram ne Nsoromma – the moon and the star – love, faithfulness, harmony

As part of the WW1 commemorations we hosted a BBC interview about the contribution of African soldiers in the war, including Alhaji Grunshi, the soldier in the photograph, and with reference to the medals.

You can see the feature here