This is Fashion Revolution Week when the anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy is turned around to spotlight the campaign to make the fashion industry fairer, better and more sustainable. Over the past weeks we've read about big fashion companies who've cancelled their orders in the light of the coronavirus crisis or decided not to pay their suppliers - leading to serious hardship for textile workers in other countries. Here in the UK people have reported concerns about their health and safety at work as they pack online fashion orders. But we've also read about others who have honoured their commitments because they know the difference it will make - and on our own doorstep local restaurants are creating and delivering meals for hospital staff and helping to put together food support for those who need it. All around us people are stepping up to help others because we know we are all connected.

The jewellery industry has parallels with fashion and the people at the other end of our supply chain can seem a long way away. In times like these the artisanal miners who mine our gold and gemstones are among the most exposed and vulnerable - and the choices we can make to source and trade responsibly really start to make sense as we see the impact of disease inequality and also how our actions - and our opportunity to make better decisions - can positively transform other people's lives and communities and the environment. We know our jewellery means a lot to us but isn't it good to know it can make a difference to others too.

You can read more about our interconnectedness and responses to the Covid-19 crisis from Fairtrade and Fairmined by clicking the images below.

Fairtrade Gold Miners in Peru by Eduardo Martino


Support change, choose responsible gold



top image: Gold Miners in Mongolia who mine Ecological Fairmined Gold  © SAM via ARM