Fairtrade Fortnight

gold grain - photo André Koch

Why Choose Fairtrade?

Generations of growth, technology and wealth creation should have given us a cleaner, fairer world. Instead we have created a climate crisis and massive inequality.
Fairtrade Fortnight is the time when communities come together to shine a light on the problems and focus on how we can all become part of the solution.

Many of the people producing our daily necessities and luxuries do not earn enough to feed their families, invest in their communities or build any kind of resilience against health and climate shocks.

The Fairtrade Foundation works together with farmers, campaigners, supporters, shoppers, civil society and commercial partners to shine a light on the problems they face, and how we can all be part of the solution.

The principle is simple: set and pay a fair price for goods, ensure standards for fair and safe working conditions and pay a premium on sales that goes back to the producer communities.

To find out more about Fairtrade you can read some FAQs and answers on the Fairtrade website here

Fairtrade Standards are designed to support the sustainable development of small producers in developing countries and incorporate a holistic blend of social, economic and environmental criteria. You can find out more here. We too are covered by the standards, underscoring the commitments companies must make to contribute to sustainability in our supply chains and operations.

For more information about Fairtrade Gold click here and if you really want to get to the nitty-gritty of what the standards mean for our gold producers you can read more here.

By choosing Fairtrade, not only can you feel positive about your purchasing, you are having a positive impact and showing government and companies that you believe in a fair and just way of doing business.

You can see our jewellery collections in Fairtrade Gold here