Fairmined gold tells a story of origin from mining communities committed to giving you beautiful pieces of jewellery made with responsibly mined gold.

We've been part of the Fairmined story since 2014 and this year I had planned to visit Peru to meet some of the miners and jewellers sourcing and working with Fairmined Gold. Of course that was not to be but at least we had a chance to meet online and are so pleased to have been featured in this latest video.

If you have one of the pieces featured here we'd love you to post a photo and tag #choosefairmined #goldtobeproudof - and don't forget to tag us @coxandpower so we can share and spread the word.

You can find the pieces shown here and more in Fairmined Gold by clicking here

Fairmined is an initiative of the Alliance for Responsible Mining. If you're interested in finding out more about their work for sustainable development in small scale mining, including reforestation and the Women's Rights in Mining campaign click the links in this paragraph.