The innovative Swivel collection is a perfect marriage of craftsmanship and technology.

Made with steel in strong dynamic shapes, this jewellery collection features brilliantly coloured laboratory-grown gemstones paired with natural diamonds and gold detailing.

The steel is non-reactive and its cool colour makes a perfect frame for the gemstones which are created by fascinating processes before being carved and faceted into unusual shapes and effects. With lab-grown stones, a stunning ruby or sapphire ring can be yours and won’t break the bank. You can find out more about laboratory-grown (also known as “synthetic” or “created”) gemstones here.

All the rings in this collection have the signature moveable swivel head so they can be moved around and combined with other pieces, making them as tactile as they are stunning. But the best bit is that they are cleverly designed to be made to your finger size in an instant, so no waiting for the perfectly fitted ring.

This award-winning concept comes from German jewellers PUR, a family team whose design philosophy has always been forward-looking. Our friendship with PUR goes back over 30 years since we first saw their delicate designs in platinum and gold. They now produce fine engineered parts for watches and medical use alongside their jewellery collections.

We brought Swivel to the UK, launching it at Liberty of London in 1999 and it has since become a firm favourite with many admirers.

Be warned, Swivel is highly addictive! Most people find it hard to stick with just one ring. For maximum impact wear two or three together, choosing from almost endless combinations and colour themes to create your own look.

You can choose from our selection of Swivel rings here

With prices starting at £195 this is a great way to bring some precious colour to your jewellery box.